About Jeanne

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“Jeanne Thornton’s incredibly surprising and awkward fantasy novel falls into an improbable space that feels like the terrible school of Robert Walser’s Jakob Von Gunten and also the acid-laced wooded setting of Angela Carter’s novella Love. Yet Thornton’s The Dream of Doctor Bantam is pure Americana, cinematic and idly mean. It’s lush and trashy. I guess it’s the most graphic-novelly feeling book about loss I can think of. It’s all punk heart, messily thudding.” – Eileen Myles

“A punky, poetic rush of a book. . . . Sexy, lucid, and quirky, Thornton nails loss, loneliness, and creepy cult mentalities.”—Interview Magazine

“A slow, dissonant burn of a novel, a haunting meditation of young, wayward love.”—Grantland

“Jeanne has this way of writing self-consciousness inside these perfect, self-contained worlds with signifiers that make them seem like they are the world we live in but if that world were . . . I don’t even know exactly. Mystifying and uncomfortable and bulging with complicated, contradictory feeling just below the surface of everything. Seriously check out this book.” —Imogen Binnie

“The gorgeousness of Thornton’s writings help sustain the worlds she creates . . . That’s the kind of seductiveness these stories have—in reading them, you become strange and dreamy in the same way they are.”—Topside Spotlight

(image credit: Leslie Weems + my cousin Elliot for the birds, Steven Attardo for the Doctor Bantam book cover, A. Litsa for the Black Emerald cover)