A Grim Parley with the Horned Queen


A new BOAT GIRL is upon us! I am not feeling connected to comix right now, and usually the remedy for that is to do this kind of thing. It is a good excuse to do things I wouldn’t normally do with like Bad Mother artwise

This was in some way inspired by the following works:

I don’t know how in any specific terms, but both made me feel like I should do something other than Bad Mother for Dedicated Comix Time tonight.



On Captains


Meet our third and as far as I know right now FINAL character here at Existential Girls: PAULA SUMMIT. She is a mild-mannered artificial intelligence attending a suburban middle school in order to learn about human behavior. Her best pal is Astrid, a Bad Girl who hangs out in the Bad Girl Bathroom. Please enjoy their adventures.

This is actually the third Paula Summit comic. The second one is kind of not that good, honestly, and the first one was good, but even more roughly drawn that most of these strips (which are almost universally sketchbook affairs, by design, to keep the Creativity Flowing), plus I have no idea where it is now within my big pile of sketchbooks. So, uh, maybe those will turn up one day, but for now let’s just start here.

So let me tell you what’s up with the schedule going forward, with the launch of BAD MOTHER on SUNDAY:

  • Tuesdays/Thursdays/sometimes Saturdays: Bad Mother
  • Wednesdays: Existential Girls
  • (eventually) Mondays: Man Who Hates Fun, once it resumes

So at least three updates a week, albeit one of them a wacky sketchbook strip often enough featuring Boat Girl, whom Everyone Loves.

Hey, I don’t know if anyone noticed the link in the corner, but the excellent illustrator Anton Solomonik has finally released his secret project ANIMAL CITY to the world! Check it out here and let him know what you think of it!



Rhodabelle Lett’s Frank Capra Miracle


Another adventure of RHODABELLE LETT, who has GOT WHAT YOU NEED. I remember drawing this at Second Stop Coffee in Wmsbrg Brkyn with Anika and Anton some time during the month before moving from NYC back to Texas. My favorite joke in this (and I don’t think it’s an obvious joke which is why I’m spoiling it) is that Rhoda doesn’t really know what an email address is.

Check back THURSDAY, where we meet yet another of our revolving cast of STAR ATTRACTIONS, the enigmatic Paula Summit. OR if you’re not interested in that, check back on SUNDAY when my new comic BAD MOTHER will debut. It’ll basically be like a classic All-American newspaper comic strip, except containing fun “queer” themes and questionable Napoleonic parenting tactics that no all-American newspaper will ever publish on their comics page ever. It’ll be great fun for us all.


Prophecy of the Daughter of Triton


This is the last of the older Boat Girl strips. I am trying to figure out new things to do with her. It’s really tough because she kind of can’t have a regular cast at all! WHO HAS IDEAS FOR BOAT GIRL STRIPS? What sorts of adventures would you like to see Boat Girl have? Post comments below, and let’s spend the weekend with our THINKING CAPS ON.

TUESDAY: Another adventure of Rhodabelle Lett, who has GOT WHAT YOU NEED.


Boat Girl vs. The Burning God


This was drawn sometime during the waning days of my last job. It is my favorite of the early Boat Girl strips by far, even though Boat Girl is markedly less hostile and strange in it. This is also the first time you can really see what her whole boat looks like, also, including her terrible lean-to. Does her boat have a name? If so, it is in a language of her own devising.

Here, by the way, on recommendation from Miracle Jones, is a clip from The Saddest Music in the World:

You really ought to see this whole movie, which features at one point people drinking speakeasy-style beer out of Isabella Rossellini’s glass leg. Highly recommended!

Another Boat Girl adventure NEXT SUNDAY. A Man Who Hates Fun installment THIS COMING TUESDAY. Please mark your RSS feeds.