Advertisements for Myself

Advertisements for Myself
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WELCOME TO BAD MOTHER YEAR TWO. It is now after Labor Day! Betty, six, is now in school (and slightly redesigned because I was drawing her way too tall, oh no.) Let us follow her progress!

Complicated note: because I am advancing the strip in real time (and collecting it year by year as it’s done), the fact that I was traveling all summer really messed with my plans a lot, but I don’t want to violate the roughly real-time progression and delay Betty’s entry into school another year. So hopefully just this once I’m going to slowly backfill the archives, FALSIFYING DATES WITH IMPUNITY, in order to get to a few things that need to be done for Year One. (It’s nothing that’s like a PLOT SPOILER for year two or anything; just stuff that needs to happen now before Betty’s in school for the sake of the Whole Thing when it’s done.) So please take a look back in the archives to see if any new cool things have been added SINCE LAST YOU VISITED.

How do the kids even read webcomics these days? Like do you use computers or like phones or like just psychic interfacing with machines directly? I do not know any of these things. I still think the fact that this site is run on a WordPress install as being somehow really “cutting edge.” gughghh

What has happened since June! Not that much? I didn’t win a Lambda award. I was in New Orleans for most of August. A new issue of Rocksalt Magazine that I’m super happy with came out. I got a new secret freelance assignment that is really impressive but that I can’t tell anyone about for a few more days, I guess.

(Oh also: my other comic, The Man Who Hates Fun, actually updated in honor of its NINE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. ughghh again. It’s not going to update again for a while, until I’ve got a big chunk of pages ready, but I think the new page is a more fun front page placeholder than the big TO BE CONTINUED page that’s been there.)

New comics, as ever, when they come. Thank you all for being patient with these like ENDLESS VICISSITUDES


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