Another Day

Another Day
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This one is dedicated to many of my friends!

News: I got interviewed in Interview magazine, kind of about the book, but more about my feelings about different matters. My book is also said to be a “punky, poetic rush of a book” as well as “sexy, lucid, and quirky,” and it’s asserted that “Thornton nails loss, loneliness, and creepy cult mentalities. ” It is a weird feeling to have an interview about you out there. When I was I think seventeen, I got a perfect score on the ACT assessment test, one of like nine kids in the nation (or in Texas; I don’t remember) to do so, and a reporter came to our house and did an interview that appeared in the local paper. It was a similarly weird experience where you read a story about someone you don’t altogether recognize to be yourself–like I’m sure I said the puppets thing but it sounds so Byronic and harsh and evil and I don’t really feel that judgmental about my like CHILDHOOD FRIENDS. I remember at the time I felt like this was a process that was happening, that people were falling away from some kind of “great purity” which was the same thing depicted in this comic: wasting a lot of time making stuff that is cool but not useful. Now I can recognize this less as “becoming puppets” and more as like, having different interests. But we all become MORE PURE, MORE ELEMENTAL in the media!

(Memorably re: the earlier story, a friend of mine said that the newspaper photographer made my room look “a lot cooler” than it really was)

There should be a new comic on Thursday for everyone

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