I Must Remember

I Must Remember
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(This comic based on personal experience)

So I guess I’ve been doing this comic for a year now! I’m glad it’s still going, even if it’s going a lot more slowly than I figured it would. There are like just shy of sixty strips, I think, which is not a fantastic amount in a year since it’s like three panels per strip usually. But this is fine (uh, for me, anyway.) Things grow at the rate they grow.

Vision statement: I did a comix panel with Griffin Mauser, Ghastly Gilbert Smith, and the friendly musical folks of Urban Specific this weekend, and the question of what all of us even liked about comics came up (i.e. influences etc.) This comic comes out of me really, really loving newspaper comics, like to horrible distraction, like checking out every comics anthology or collection from the 741.5 section of the library over and over forever, and wanting to intentionally set out to write one that’s supposed to be a long, evolving story told through a lot of short newspapery installments, taking this weird format that’s a result of a bunch of accidents of commerce and publishing/distribution technology, and trying to do something neat with it that would be hard to actually publish in any mainstream newspaper consistently. I think the fact that this is supposed to end up being a long story isn’t yet apparent, and will be soon, but I want it to be at least sort of good as a regular daily-style strip, and I guess I hope people like what I’m doing! BECAUSE I’M GOING TO KEEP DOING IT

Thanks everyone who’s been reading! I wish I could make a green-iced anniversary cake that everyone could eat, but the internet does not yet have this technology. HERE’S THIS INSTEAD

DELICIOUS CAKE<3, new comix Thursday

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