I’m Terrible

I’m Terrible
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This one pretty much speaks for itself.

So hey: I am in the FALL READING ROUNDUP at BooksMatter! Here’s what they say:

The world of The Dream of Doctor Bantam, Jeanne Thornton’s debut novel, mostly resembles our own except no one seems to want to be in it (you may think that, too, is a similarity, but I prefer not to). Julie’s sister, Tabitha, has died, and Julie’s flashbacks reveal Tabitha’s unhappiness and longing for release. “It’d just be nice to be outside of time for a little while,” Tabitha says. “Just to stop and look around and notice things. Just to figure out where to go. Just not to exist for a little while.” Soon enough, she doesn’t. Soon enough, her little sister—anguished and pawing through her sister’s old belongings, from her sex toys to her diary—discovers a girl, much like Tabitha, who has found a way to escape time: a cult named THE INSTITUTE OF TEMPORAL ILLUSIONS: A COMMUNAL PLACE OF IDENTITY AND FOCUS OUTSIDE OF TIME. Rather than fall for the cult’s gimmicks—their eerily convincing rejection of being “timebound”—Julie falls for the girl, Patrice. What follows is a haunting story of Julie’s attempts to save Patrice, to save herself, to see if anyone at all can be satisfied living inside of time. Thornton doesn’t give us the formula, but her story, channeled through Julie’s desperation, has a heavy beauty.

My favorite thing is that this reviewer, this Tiffany Gilbert, finds my fictional cult’s horrifying metaphysics “eerily convincing.” YESSSS. EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN MY CULT, IMMEDIATELY.

New comic Tuesday!

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