The Man Who Hates Fun: An Introduction

The Man Who Hates Fun: An Introduction
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Welcome to THE MAN WHO HATES FUN. Your enjoyment of it will only grow as I release new and exciting installments of it to this site!

Commentary on this from the vantage point of May 2012: I know the name for the character came out of a car trip to Corpus Christi, TX with friends in August 2004 (I can be precise about the month because I remember I’d just moved into a new house in Austin and had to take off on this trip something like the Very Next Day.) I was twenty-one and I remember spending a lot of time working on these strips in a room laid out like an office with a big camo net on the ceiling, listening to Bauhaus at strange hours. It was a good time!

This was going to be a project sort of like Boat Girl is for me now: a single idiosyncratic character who appears in a series of disconnected episodes, in each time being unpleasant and philosophical in a way that is swiftly undermined. I had done a couple of webcomics before this (thankfully LOST TO HISTORY) and it always stopped being fun right around the time that plot and character intruded, so I wanted to avoid this at all costs. Clearly this didn’t happen, and I only kept it up the “gag strip” idea for this episode and the next one before introducing characters and some kind of story, although I still tried hard not to write anything in advance. In retrospect I’m not sure why this was such a worry.

Technical notes: I seriously don’t remember what I was using to draw at the time, but it looks like Microns, maybe? I know the panel borders and balloons were done with a brush and really terrible ancient calligraphy ink that eventually turned purple on the original art. I do remember putting lots of fun little jokes on the spines of the books in the background that I completely can’t read now.

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