The Four Main Family Members

The Four Main Family Members
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Hey so this brings up an interesting question again! MAYBE WE WILL ALL GET SOME INSIGHT INTO IT THIS COMING TUESDAY

I am going to be at 24 Hour Comics Day @ Dragon’s Lair in Austin on Saturday, October 5! New Bad Mother strips will be worked on, as will maybe something else, if I decide to! Please feel free to attend if you are so inclined!

Another Inez strip tomorrow. Souls may be searched!

2 thoughts on “The Four Main Family Members

  1. Ugh. Feels.

    “Excuse me Ma’am, there is no father in the picture. Thank you for your condolences, but my ex is not dead. No, ma’am, my ex is a woman. Yes ma’am, I am gay. No, we did not use a surrogate. Yes, they are my biological children. Yes, they are hers too… No, we did not artificially… excuse me, but that is hardly any of YOUR business. Good day.”

    Explaining to your kids’ teachers that you are a transgender lesbian single mom gets old, fast.

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