Editing Services

Since 2008 I’ve worked in publishing, either in-house or as a freelancer, to provide a variety of editing services at all levels, including:

Line editing: Revising a book for content. No two manuscripts are alike, so what this means in practice depends on the individual project. But in practice, this could involve working with the author to expand (or contract) sections of the narrative, simplifying over-ornate language (or developing spare language), rethinking organization or character arcs, or even working with the author to build a project from outline on up.

(NOTE: In my practice, “line editing” incorporates elements of what’s sometimes known as “substantive” or “developmental” editing. Because every manuscript is different, I don’t totally believe in making a clear distinction between these categories. Editing is editing, and as an author I try to edit clients’ work as I’d want to be edited: i.e., I make it my business to care about your book’s readability and overall effect as much as you do.)

Copyediting: Revising a manuscript for grammar & mechanics, flow of language, and overall consistency of names and terms. I generally work in Chicago style, but I’m comfortable working with whatever style guide or house styles are needed. If you’re a self-published author, I’ll also work with your book designer to prepare the manuscript for import into a design program, sparing headaches and time down the line.

Proofreading: Without which there would be many more errors in our world.

I also provide consulting services to authors who’re interested in self-publishing and want advice on the revision process, working with a book designer and cover artist, deciding how to handle book promotion and marketing, and other questions to demystify the process.

If you’ve got a book project you’re looking for assistance with, please email me if you’re interested in receiving a free quote on any of the above! (Or check out my resume.)

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