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News for 20110919.

In the rough draft the first panel had artful drapery to obscure the nudity of my beloved characters, but it was tricky to draw, so.

Here is the reference you want if the middle row of panels is confusing. Also here, a little bit.

Also! My good friend and crime associate Miracle Jones of the Fiction Circus has just released his new novel, Shifting, the second book in the terrifying seven-volume epic called The Fold. The Fold is the story of a group of psychic individuals of various races, species, states of being, etc., many of whom live in a city carved into the brain of a gigantic octopus called The General who travels through infinite space, dimensionality, and psyche. So far it is pretty much the best seven volume book series available on the market (yes including that one), and it will only cost you four bucks for the new book. Or you can start with the first book, Sharing, which is amazing, and which is free. Do it!

Also also, oh, hey, I just realized I have not linked to this yet -- I did some guest pages for the fantastic Band Vs. Band by Kathleen Jacques a few weeks and cities ago. Kathleen does pretty much the best comics, laced with cartoon band antics, hilarious sexual tension, and gigantic boots. This is a pretty great starting place if you have not yet read Band Vs. Band. You must go read Band Vs. Band.

You must read all of these works. I know the best people in the universe. You trust me, now.


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