Milgram! That’s hardly polite! Ah, well, though, when they make ’em like Tuskegee, who could blame him?

Well, I’ve been working hard all week this first week of comics here at the old The Stanford Webcomics Experiment. I think old Steve Junior is going to do some serious relaxing tonight, maybe taking time to truck on down to (that’s a sixties reference to cartoonist Rodney Crumb for young folks!) the highway to Stuckey’s for some pecan rolls and to put a dent in the latest paperback on my shelf. Right now I am devouring James Clavell’s classic Noble House, which I read once around the time it came out but sometimes when a lot of time goes by you forget lots of the details in a really good story and its like you get to read the whole thing again fresh from the top. Who knows, maybe one day thirty years from now people will say the same thing about The Stanford Webcomics Experiment! *sends up a little prayer*

May the Laughs Be With You and I will see you tomorrow!  I will see you tomorrow and every day!
Steve Junior