Hi Readers! So you may have noticed that lately I have increased my stock of artwork here at the Stanford Webcomics Experiment. I had hoped to avoid doing this as my market research shows that it is better to have a few drawings done very well rather than a lot of drawings done poorly in order to ensure a consistency of product. But the “artistic lion” that is caged in my rib cage next to my heart was roaring and, well, you can see the results! LoL. I think it was the Japanese cartoonist Hockasai who said that if he only lived to the age of one hundred he would be a truly great artist; now I am no Hockasai (and to tell the truth I am not much of a fan of the “animay” style of cartooning you sometimes see on late night television although as said I have not seen much of any television lately as my television was sold, but it seems like Japanese comics artists mostly like unwholesome violence and girls who are too assertive for my tastes!!! One Man’s Opinion), but I think that I am only a little more than half of his advanced age and although I got a late start so to speak I am well on the way to catching up. 😀

I am so confident that this “artistic breakthrough” is going to be enduring that I am more than willing to take “commissions” in the comments sections. If you leave me a note about what you want to see me draw most I will try to do it and maybe even include it in an upcoming “chapter” of the Stanford Webcomics Experiment!!!! It will be the culmination of your dreams!!! (By writing a comment requesting me to draw something you are releasing any present past or future claim you might make to intellectual property rights on your idea and I will claim them and keep them.)

May the Laughs Be With You!
Steve “Hockasai” Junior