Rocksalt Magazine -- Spring 2015

Rocksalt Magazine Winter 2014-2015

Rocksalt Magazine - Fall 2014

Rocksalt -- Summer 2014 by Jeanne Thornton

Rocksalt -- Spring 2014 by Jeanne Thornton

Rocksalt Magazine - Winter 2013

Rocksalt Magazine -- Fall 2013 by Jeanne Thornton

Rocksalt Magazine -- Summer 2013 by Jeanne Thornton

Rocksalt Magazine -- February 2013 by Jeanne Thornton

Rocksalt Magazine - December 2012 by Jeanne Thornton

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ROCKSALT MAGAZINE is a real magazine in the real world.

Here is an article about it in the Austin Chronicle!

Geoff Sebesta & Jeanne Thornton edit; Tyler Skot Carpenter coordinates sales and advertising. Matt Hirst gives good advice.

To ask about submitting work, to inquire about advertising, to suggest a business that should be stocking Rocksalt, or for general inquiries, please email us.

If you're rad local business/nonprofit/band/writer/VISIONARY/whatever, we are totally interested in having you advertise with us! Here is the info in PNG format.

You can follow it on Facebook, and you should.

It is distributed by Motorblade.

So far, you can get it in the following places and more:

The following artists have appeared in Rocksalt:

Rocksalt is printed through the cooperation of the Austin-American Statesman and the San Marcos Daily Record.