Smashwords Book of the Day (2.10.12): "MetalHand: The Adventures of an American Trucker," by Abraham Isaac Tov

"MetalHand: The Adventures of an American Trucker," by Abraham Isaac Tov

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Tags: romance, adventure, ghost, storm, trucking, fiction action adventure, truckers, trucking book, driving adventure, series book 1

"This is about a forty one year old man named Joshua. To escape economic disparity and sexual perversity within his family he moved his mother and younger brother Stan to Arizona to pursue a better life. Once in Mesa the three of them found a decent place to live in a low end apartment complex named The Orange Grove. The mother got a part time job at the local K-Mart; his younger brother went back to his studies, and Joshua, after reading an advertisement, decided to enter the hardest trucking school in America. It was located in Tolleson, due west of Phoenix. He took his time and researched carefully before really going for it. There was no room or time for mistakes.
His father has passed away, his mom is getting older, and Stan needs to be in school. Joshua feels he has to step up to the plate and get some money rolling in the door. The funds they have from selling the family home will run out quickly and he knows that. Most of their possessions are still in storage and they need a bigger apartment. Cramped as they are he was determined to make things better for everyone. They had been through enough hell.
The Rebel Trucking School is a month in the classroom and six weeks out with a trainer one on one driving, loading and unloading in varying states. One out of three never makes it to the end of the program. After six grueling weeks of on the road instruction if his trainer did not sign off on his paperwork he would have failed, period. The weight of his decision began to subtly lighten once he finally graduated. His documents were signed by Bill and so he after the ceremony will head home to tell the family the good news.
Standing in the same classroom where, as part of over thirty men and four women who started with him, he looked around and realized only six others had made it through. All he could feel was pride at such an accomplishment. Everyone shook hands, celebrated, and was happy with their shared success. The patches were on their brand new shirts and Joshua thought it was a perfect fit. The trainers were there and he made sure to take a moment to shake Bill?s hand and express his gratitude for not taking it easy on him. Bill was an old school flatbed driver with more than thirty years of over the road experience.
Bill said to Joshua before he left the ceremony,? You are now a trucker Metalhand. Be safe, drive safe and keep the rubber side down?. Now Joshua?s story as trucker really begins. What will come? Where will he go? What will he have to load and face out there on the open road in a big rig? Flatbed trucks are dangerous and he knows he still has a lot to learn. Trucking school taught him a great deal but not everything .Right now all he is hoping for is a good truck and good gear. Other than that, he is ready. He is new blood as the much older truckers call him, and he does not understand that, but he will!"

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