by Samuel Snoek-Brown

A story about the strange relationships that "fisting" creates between women and men made of wood.

by Celia Laskey

A story about questions, some of which have answers, some of which do not.

by Rae Bryant

A story about sharp silver and hard wood.

by Andrew Gabriel Rose

A story about trying not to lose.

by Magen Toole and John David Brown

A story about how hard it is to kill the ones you love.

by Sam Starbuck

A story about breaking the internet.

by Katie Coyle

A story about the irresistible tang of brine-flavored love.

by Shane Castle

A story about regular type life shit.

by Seth Harrington

A story about getting all shredded up.

by Jeff Vande Zande

A story about the weight of things.

by Tuere T.S. Ganges

A story about choosing who to trust.

by HJ Hampson

A story about thick skin.

by Magen Toole

A story about needing eight arms to hold you.

by Nicolette Kittinger

A story about having a threesome with a wolf.

by Michael Henson

A story about customer service on the block.

by Sara Lippmann

A story about seduction and construction.

by Kevin Brown

A story about what to do next after your wife dies.

by MK Laughlin

A story about falling in love and also just falling.

by Perle Besserman

A story about taking risks on a bad heart.

by John Patrick Tormey

A story about speed, genes, and Christmas.

by S. Craig Renfroe, Jr.

A story about a man giving birth to troubles.

by Kerry Donoghue

A story about what we all want from life, and how to get it.

by Claire O'Connor

A story about having time to think.

by Andria Nacina Cole

A story that crystallizes, forgives, and suggests.

by Joseph Modugno

A story about what Jake was doing with Betty.

by Victor Giannini

A story about a reanimated corpse who is so ugly.

by Heather Parks

A story about a fun thing to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend on a Ferris wheel.

by John Fowora

A story about the problems of new media and about trying your best.

by Chavisa Woods

A story where the important piece doesn't fit.

by Sharon Kwik

A story where everyone tries harder to be American than you did today.

by Matthew Cremer

A story about an invasion party where that shit will fuck you up.

by Christopher Woods

A story about the big punch from a sad spaceman.

by Bill Cheng

A story about a mail-order bride who knows all sorts of tricks.

by Krista Madsen

A story that ends in screaming.

by John Fowora

A story about hacksaws, ham, and holding hands.

by Stephen Future

A story about chairs and the people who sit in them, or who don't.

by Miracle Jones

A story of social pressures and Severing Day.

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