The Livery
July 22, 2008

Alchemy was an album released by Yocto Angstrom in 1993. The album deals with alchemical and demiurgical themes musically and poetically. Below are the lyrics to the first two songs on Alchemy: "Once, We Turned Gold Into Silver" and "Hermes Trismestigus."

"Once, We Turned Gold Into Silver"

Once, we turned gold into silver
& silver back into purest gold.
Angels with godlike stature,
digging our hands inside the mold.

Then, the angels started screaming;
they took away the secrets of our art.
But now, our souls have started teeming:
the rebus inside the human heart.

We fight back with mysteries of the ages
The songs forgotten long ago
The secrets of tomes' forgotten pages
will bring back the whiteness of the snow.

"Hermes Trismestigus"

Hermes Trismestigus,
bringer of light.
O gods in the heavens,
prepare for your flight.

Urizen was not the creator;
Your reason has failed you again.
His hidden and shadowy visage
instigated revolt among men.

He taught the young men to throw stones
at all who would dare touch his mountain.
They burned all the witches at dawn
and bloodied the pure living fountain.

Now Trismestigus stands in the gate
with a quill and his leather clad wings.
We will no longer face the destruction
that his tyranny constantly brings.