Zach Richter
March 17, 2008

Zach Richter is a member of the Knowthing collective, drummer in Medicine, and a noted political activist. Richter grew up in Highlands, IA and later moved to Chicago to befriend Caleb Weeks in 1993 and start the band. He later joined Caleb and his wife Lynn Johnson at their commune in Columbia, IA.

Richter is widely known as one of the most outspoken among the Knowthing community regarding politics and political change. He has been published in numerous small progressive magazines, including Edge and Climate.


For more information on Richter's musical career, please visit the Medicine page.

Political Views

Richter has expressed a hatred of war as one of his strongest political beliefs in the past. He is an advocate for progressive peaceful change, fighting global violent conflict which he says "brutalizes innocent men and women, calling them collateral damage while murdering others for political gain." [Citation needed.] Richter has systematically performed the critical act of deconstruction on many traditional political documents, the most noted of which is his "Constitutional Analysis."