Each Grecian Mode
July 3, 2008

"Each Grecian Mode" is an unattributed poem whose authorship is disputed. The poem is (assumedly) addressed to Marie DuPrey, and although it has been frequently attributed to Dylan Klein, Klein denies writing it.


Marie, you are Europa's still
and sole celestial continent.
The pearls you wear! Oh Buddha-savior,
sing to us your strange lament.

While you forgo transfiguration,
putting off inheritance,
your selfless, Bodhissatvic vow
renews our souls. We wonder how.

What good are these mere earthly trifles
in the midst of all creation?
You offer us such light that nothing
dim will strike us with temptation.

The turnstile moves
with one wrist-flick:
an aria on
the Maestro's stick.
The written ode
lacks instruments;
each Grecian mode
itself laments
its gross incapability
to offer up a song to thee.
But still the strings play on for dawn
and fawn until your body's gone.