New Reader's Guide

Good places to start reading:

The Man Who Hates Fun vs. Elvira Ellison: Our Hero, an angry young Stoic working in the college library in a major Texas metropolis, meets a young, self-doubting student, and begins a terrible destiny.

Witches Are Everywhere: Elvira Ellison, facing troubles in her relationship, makes a new and fateful friend at the local occult store. Contains a long plotline highly critical of �indie� rock scenes.

The Girl Who Hates Fun: A long and currently ongoing story, catching the action up in 2009, when Elvira Ellison has a new job as a teacher in New York City, and is followed by not only her own inner doubts, but by a shadowy and familiar figure.

Archive: The complete list of strips by title. Find one that seems beguiling or bizarre and dive in happily.

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