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News for 20081111.

This is better inking than yesterday's strip, I think. Some of it is a working brush pen, some of it is Rapidiograph, some of it is my new Hunt 102 crow-quill. The last time I used a Hunt 102 was around here; I was pretty much wasting it before. It's like a magic pen that is always good.

(I chose that strip pretty much because it has Elvira in it; if you've forgotten who Elvira is, shame on you.)

I finally changed the voting incentive. From now on I'll change it every week or so at random to something that I've been drawing that I like, sometimes trying out concepts for the actual strip, sometimes not. I don't think the current voting incentive will ever be used in this strip, but I still like it and I could not tell you why. Maybe it's the little design on the brass knuckles.

Oh yeah, today's strip was not safe for work. Sorry if anyone got fired just now. You could just tell your boss that you were appreciating the fine inking that only a smooth, new Hunt 102 crow quill pen can provide.


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