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The Man Who Hates Fun vs. Magic and Independent Music

Parasites on Time
A Credit to Your Ingrown Roots
No Funny Business, See
But That's Just Folk Anarchy
My Comely Undergraduate Girl-Children
Screw Marcus Aurelius
A Grand Stoical Stasis
Maybe I'm Not Living Up to my Potential
Look at Me Shop My Happy Little Heart Out
Gudrun St. Silverwolf
Community Pumpkin Patch
Scrawling Designs on the Face of God
The Occult Has Nothing to Do with Black Vinyl
Mingling with the Spirits
Let's All Get Skyclad
Unfamiliar Ceiling
Frozen in Existential Dread
Practical Wiccan Education
House for a Democratic Liberation Front
Going to the Record Store
Why Did You Even Come Here If You're Just Going to Ruin Everything
The New Interrobang Comp
Thaddeus & Mary
Would a New Manager Be Authentic?
Meet the Blips
Sham Relationship
Your Songs Are the Poems
The Virtuous Mynde
How Shall You Further Degrade My Day
Two People With Tall Hair Have Sex
Ellison Detective Agency
The Dame Wore a White Carnation
My iPod
Two Negligent Alcoholics
Smokes, What Moxie Part 1 (by Miracle Jones)
Smokes, What Moxie Part 2 (by Miracle Jones)
Smokes, What Moxie Part 3 (by Miracle Jones)
Smokes, What Moxie Part 4 (by Miracle Jones)
Here Are The Young Men
Pay Phone
Reason Will Crush You
Relationship Advice
You Want to Go on a Date?
Hocus Pocus
Concerning the Problem of Others
Garage Magick
Within the Defiler's Boudoir
Seneca, I Await Our Conversations
Remember Clause 1
Full Moon, You Know
He IS Rock and Roll
Why Pop Music is Fascism
In Which Chekhov's Gun Fires
You Never Treated Me Like a Genius
Like a Gentle Porcupine
Thaddeus 3:16
Juicy Slice o' Depravity
The Delicate Interplay of Ancient Tropes
Officious Dignity
Like a Bull in a Magic Shop
Anything's A Crime
Will I Visit You in Prison?
Oh, Sweet Nothings
I'm Ready to Let You Make My Life Okay Now
Ian Curtis Fantasy Suicide
Humorous Suicide Cliche
In Which her Life is Saved by Rock and Roll
I Recommend an Overdose of Hemlock
Scourge with Well-Reasoned Might
Clarence is My Name
Clarence Is Not My Name
It's the Beginning of a New Age for Elvira Ellison

The Man Who Hates Fun vs. Gender Confusion, Pt. 2

I Hunger For Bass
The Part Of Being Dead That Is The Worst
I've Got To Keep Making It Worse Until I Make It Better
Change of Venue
Personal Touch
The Riddle of the Lenses
No Friends Anymorrrre
Literary Destiny
Candle Pt 1
Candle Pt 2
There is Also a Lunch
From the Brim to the Dregs
Red Herring Conversation, Pt 1
Red Herring Conversation, Pt 2
Red Herring Conversation, Pt 3
Dangerous Wine
All What You Make of It
What Reason Dictates
When the Cat's Away
Mirrors and Copulation
How This Works
These Moral Woods
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Dascha Rand
What A Little Moonlight Can Do
Imagine Either Benny Hill Music or Mega Man Boss Theme
Kitten Up A Tree / The Discomforting Void of Death
Is Nonexistence Superior?
Only the Valleys Remained
The Most Regrettable Act of My Adult Life
The Meaning of Perverse
Nothing Is Impossible
Deductive Reasoning, Part 1
Deductive Reasoning, Part 2
Deductive Reasoning, Part 3
The Empire Will Always Love and Care For You Patty
A Dreadful Initiation
Behold the Sparrow, Pecking at the Hunters
Axis and Allies
A Time of Cleansing and Elimination
Why Build Character?
The Nature of the Internet
The Stillest Hour
Simple Fate
Panang Curry
Project Eden
I Control Everything, Chuck
The Sinister Leer of Fate
Ghosts Have Agency
The First Metamorphosis of the Spirit
Nothing At All
Dreams of the Everyday Housewife
Executive Thinking
Volcano Party
An Ancient Conflict
Graf Zeppelin
Six Shots, Big Money
A Moment to Stand
Bullets, Bury Yourselves in Me
To Be Concluded
I Am That Gadfly
Selected Dialogues of Plato
Brother Lunkheads
You Are Still Less Likely to Believe
An Infelicitous Understatement
Fourteenth Anniversary Spectacular
Another Transcend Joke
15 Big Ones

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