Fiction Circus: Jonathan Franzen Edition

I never read fiction online. I read for substance, and to me there’s no substance in a pixel.
- Jonathan Franzen

We hear you, Jonathan Franzen! We are sorry we have excluded you and your Luddite brothers for so long! With deepest sympathy in our hearts, we are pleased to announce the Fiction Circus's move to print with the March release of Fiction Circus: Jonathan Franzen Edition.

Roughly every month, we will release to the world of print a new short story, lovingly formatted and printed on the pressed bodies of the dryads. The cost will be two dollars; 25% will go directly to the author and the other 75% will go to our production/hosting/promotion costs so that we can turn the Fiction Circus into the kind of racuous rabbit's foot that any aspiring writer can tuck into her or his pocket, content that somewhere a group of people in a small and reeking apartment are looking out for them.

The first issue of the Fiction Circus: Jonathan Franzen Edition will be released on Wednesday, March 11, 2009. Watch this space!

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