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This finally happened. Somebody finally faked a Holocaust memoir.

So since this has been now been declared fiction, it falls to us to talk about.

Misha Misha Bo Bisha

I haven't read it yet, and I'm probably not going to read it any time soon, because I don't want to give anyone involved any money. However, I think we can all agree that (now that she has been caught) it is probably an interesting little piece of work.

Are there mechanics and tropes for a "survival of evil nationalist uprising" true, terrifying story? What is authentic, and what is obviously absurd? When you are trying to convince the world that you were persecuted for your beliefs by a hostile government, what scenes do you just GOTTA have?

Man, she woke up one morning and said: "Wolves. Wolves saved me from the Nazis. Eat it, world. That's what happened. And then I walked two thousand miles in the snow and capped a German soldier with my little girl hands. I guess I am just more loved by God than some of you."

Dr. Future says: "I think the lesson here is that if you are going to fake a Holocaust memoir, you must hold nothing back. You will not get another chance."

Ugh! What a nightmarish lady!

Okay, alright, in her defense, her parents WERE actually killed by the Nazis for their anti-Nazi agitation. The book might be an interesting way to peer through the lens of a broken mind, and see the ways in which horror passes from reality to the imagination: how we fight wars in the mind, and how the victory is hoped for in reality. And how that victory never comes.

But beyond all that, what a stupid thing to do!

Man, this woman is going to get some shit. And you know what? She deserves it. Not only for the horror of WRITING A FAKE HOLOCAUST MEMOIR, but for wasting what must be a fantastic imagination on trying to con people with good hearts that she deserves their sympathy and applause. I bet she could have churned out a fascinating sci-fi novel, and instead she wasted her juice on obvious drama, fooled the world at the expense of all her dead friends and family, and will now go down as a criminal of letters.

It's hard to be a criminal of letters.

But not as hard as dying in a concentration camp.


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