NEW STORY: "Jody Is Your Boy Back Home," by Matthew Cremer
What we've got here is a story about some college kids who throw a party to celebrate the new war, and you know what? They have a pretty good time.

War can be a chance to try new things! Like break-dancing!

Democratic Party, Republican Party, Whig Party, Communist Party, Nazi Party, Know-Nothing Party, Invasion Party: the common denominator is PARTY. I think everybody knows how to "divide by party," and I think everybody knows that if all you can do is watch, you might as well have a beer in your hand.

Am I right? Am I right?

A good party has to have three things: 1) drugs, 2) sex, and 3) noise. A good war just has to have noise. What's better? What's more fun?

Don't answer too quickly. You have to COMPARE. Ask around, ask around. Read this story. Get all the facts.

(A "Jody," by the way, is a civilian who fucks the girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife of a soldier who has gone to war. "Jody-style" is when you fuck with jackboots on -- maybe somebody else's jackboots -- with military surplus blood still crushed into the heel.)


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