HarperCollins Launches a Filming Studio
"A filming studio for writers?"

"Why, yes! I do believe it shall be a sensational way to make our feelings and panicked thrusts known to the outside world."

"Have you a link, good sir?"

"Indeed, I do have a link. I carry one around with me at all times, for cases just such as this one, when a promotional opportunity presents itself!"

"Well. May I SEE it?"

"Oh, GOOD LORD. Where are my manners? Here it is, right here. It's a bit dusty. Do not breathe directly over it; rather cant your head slightly and peer at it askance, with nostrils shuttered."

"I have allergies. Maybe I'd best ignore it altogether."

"Gads! No! Here, I shalt brush it off with my silken necktie!"

HarperCollins Publishers Launches Digital Video Studio

"I say, is this a MOST good idea? Writers making moving pictures?"

"A MOST good idea? Why, I couldn't say! But it is AN idea, isn't it?"


"Anyway, we will be able to use all of the effects and power of the filming studio industry in order to bring people into what we love, which are fine new novels. Exciting bits of visual puff shalt lead them straight to us, like ropes knotted around quacking toy ducks."

"Sounds like a lot of work."

"Oh yes, quite. It probably won't last. None of us even know how to work the damn cameras. And if we can get authors sober, all they want to talk about is Nazis, cocaine, and hard knocks."

"Show me!"

HarperCollins Video Channel




"Well. We have only just begun."

"I have often said that the only thing that stands between publishing and making money is writers, and you have not proved me wrong here. Is making writers more visible really the answer?"

"What the hell else are we supposed to film, you cad?"


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