Do Not Accept the Nobel Prize
Doris Lessing says that the Nobel Prize has been worthless, has fucked up her life, and is such a damn commitment that she has no time for anything else.

"The award has been a "bloody disaster" for her as a writer," said the BBC. "Lessing, 88, said she has been hounded by the media since capturing the prestigious prize last October and that has made writing a novel almost impossible."

While gracious in victory, Lessing was told in the 60s that the judges didn't like her and that she would never win. Only 11 women have won the award in its 106 year history. It is still a tough award to turn down, however, especially with the $1.5 million purse attached.

Only two writers have declined the Nobel Prize for Literature after winning it:

-- Boris Pasternak
-- Jean Paul Sartre

No one wants to be Sartre.

Any time a writer seriously thinks about turning down the Nobel Prize for Literature, other writers gather around them in a circle, link arms, and chant:

"Look at me, I am living an authentic life! My existence is so precious and important! I am just a bunch of choices! My project is so important I don't even need awards! No exit for me! I think I'll have another cigarette!"

No one can handle that kind of peer pressure.


Compare and contrast and think about your life:

1. Watch Doris Lessing win the Nobel Prize!

2. Watch a woman win ten thousand dollars on the Price is Right!

What is happiness? What is victory?


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