June Slash Contest: Harper Lee / Truman Capote
This one is going to be fun, everybody. I envy you people. I envy the fun that you will have competing in this contest.

Truman Capote and Harper Lee have a long, long history of "merged worlds" and feverish speculation about the true nature of their relationship. They grew up together in Alabama and they were best, best friends.

Capote wrote everybody's favorite novel about New York ("Breakfast at Tiffany's") and Lee wrote everybody's favorite novel about the South ("To Kill a Mockingbird"). They worked together to write everybody's favorite novel about the Midwest ("In Cold Blood").

They never got around to publishing their important novel about California, "To Kill Tiffany in Cold Blood." But there are rumors that the lost manuscript was a PERFECT BOOK (in the same way that an orange is perfect).

Lee put Capote in her first novel as Dill, the pathological liar and invert. Capote put Lee in HIS first novel ("Other Voices, Other Rooms") as Idabel, the most notorious tomboy in the state.

The contours of this contest are vague, and yet stringent as the flavors in a pack of Captain's Wafers. Pick somebody from Truman Capote's fictional world and someone from Harper Lee's, and merge them in a way that makes sense to you.


EXAMPLE: Holly Golightly touched Boo gently on his pale forehead, and then lower.

"Don't be nervous, darling" she said. "You must be forceful and strong."

"I can't help it, Miss Golightly," said Boo. "I can't help the things I feel, and the wrong way that I feel them."


2000 words or less

Attach your story to an email or paste it into the body of the text of your email. MUST BE IN WORD FORMAT.

All standard Fiction Circus submissions guidelines apply.

Send your May Contest Submissions to: slash@fictioncircus.com


We still don't have any money, so we can't pay you. Personally, I am accumulating debt faster than James Joyce at a titty bar. But look what a fun site we have!

What we WILL do is illustrate the winner in the most loving and impressive way we can (maybe even sexy photos if appropriate). We will also record the story for your listening pleasure, and make it available to everyone in the world for free, right next to the rest of our available literary offerings.

Good luck to all you out there in the underground. You can do this. You can make this happen.


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