We Had a Good Time, But Our Next Show Shall Be Underground in the Subway
It was a pretty good show, and we were sure glad to see you all, those of you who came out and gave us your mental handshake and your fresh minds to put a spell on. Our audience these days is so young, attractive, and energetic -- and we are all so spavined, decrepit, and hungry.

Dr. Future read his story about a meeting in space between decadent artists and effusive Russians called "Space Beggars."

TODDCOBB read stories about breaking up with the whole wide world and how it feels to be a girl who can't get Sylvia-Plath-style "giant sex."

I read a tale about a porn director in space dealing with a comical series of problems and mishaps in order to get the most important come-shot of all time.

It was a good show -- but we are feeling a bit stale and stagnant, and Dr. Future's story got us thinking: we need begging money! So our next show will be on some Manhattan subway platform, TBA, with a tip jar at our feet. We will play a rollicking two-hour set, and then we will go dance somewhere above-ground with the people we collect -- the people of the underground world who like fiction.

Stay tuned for this thing that will happen!


Posted by miracle on Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:28:15 -0400 -- permanent link

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