July Slash Contest: Orson Scott Card / J.D. Salinger
Everybody loves thinking about what must go on at prep schools!

Especially two of America's most beloved authors, whose dog-eared books spend at least four years on average in the backpacks of our nation's troubled chaps and chapinas.

Mr. Card and Mr. Salinger have probably never met, but I bet they would like each other. They both have important feelings about the needs and spirits of young boys, and they both have traded heavily on the artistic capital of instilling early adolescence with the stirring and sad wisdom of late adolescence.

So please, please -- merge their worlds together in a way that makes sense to you; in a way that thrills and titillates and contains at least a modicum of sexuality. This is not a fan fiction contest. This is a SLASH fiction contest. We want to see things rubbed or penetrated, or -- Jesus -- I guess we will even take exposed, if that's how it has to be.



Everybody at Pensy Prep is a crumby phony who is always trying to find out if you are a Catholic.

Everybody but this one kid, Ender Wiggins.

Even though he is a little fellow, Ender has a huge penis, and no matter how much he gets beat up by the other fellows, he is always hard in the shower. You have to be hard to fight the Buggers, he always says, with this kind of a shy smile.

I respect that, I guess. I guess I don't know what I respect. But it's something, isn't it?


2000 words or less

Attach your story to an email or paste it into the body of the text of your email. MUST BE IN WORD FORMAT.

All standard Fiction Circus submissions guidelines apply.

Send your July Contest Submissions to: [email protected]


There is no money in this. There is no money: only shame.

What we WILL do is illustrate the winner in the most loving and impressive way we can (maybe even sexy photos if appropriate). We will also record the story for your listening pleasure, and make it available to everyone in the world for free, right next to the rest of our available literary offerings.

Good luck to all you out there in the underground. Please do not disappoint us, or we will kick rocks down the street as we walk up and down Manhattan, feeling forlorn, having ideas about things.


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