NEW STORY: "Carnival," by Heather Parks
Summer is almost over. That means there are only a few more weekends left to head out to the amusement parks and funfairs and get up high on that Ferris wheel, looking down on everything like some kind of bug. There are only a few more weekends to get up there on that Ferris wheel and do what you need to do.

Today we've got one of those stories that cuts open a relationship like a piece of fruit to see if it's rotten inside. You can only squeeze a relationship so long -- and thump it -- before you finally have to slice that sucker open and see what you've got.

There are revelations here, and hard feelings, and soft ones. I read Heather Parks' "Carnival," and I snickered at the end: you know, I coughed up a real mean and tough little laugh. You will smile, too, because you know how people are. People are so much fun when they are together, and when they are apart.


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