Fictional Restaurant Wins Wine Award
The Osterio L'Intrepida restaurant in Milan does not exist, and yet it has just won an award for its excellent wine. I approve!

Personally, this makes more sense to me than not. You sit down and think up a great restaurant -- a place where you would want to take your richest, most abandoned Aunt when she comes to visit you -- and then you try and figure out what that restaurant would serve, and what kinds of wine would best complement this cutting-edge cuisine you have imagined.

-- Ambrosia salad on a bed of shredded pork, served in a coconut husk with two extra forks to provide drama and spark conversation?

Melon ball flavored "Boone's Farm," obviously!

A stack of toast as high as the finger of a coffee-drinking adult, each slice flavored with a different condiment that could be found within the door of a refrigerator in an apartment made for one (Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, pickle juice, crumb-larded margarine, ice water)?

"Cisco," served in a coffee cup, or in a warm bottle. "Takes You By Surprise."

A tuna sandwich with a hunk of swiss cheese melted over it -- served in a crystal goblet decorated with Aztec glyphs -- garnished with generous dollops of guacamole?

"Buckfast Tonic Wine!" A wine meant for those who must make choices. "Three small glasses a day, for good health and lively blood".

After you have correlated your wines to your meals, you could BUILD this restaurant -- which takes time, money, effort, pain, and will kill whole years of your life -- or you could send these hypothetical materials away to a critical body who specializes in judging such artistic endeavors. If you win the award...

...the world loves your dream...

..and you can keep sleeping.


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