How to Buy "The Complex," a Banned Book About Lafayette Hubbard's Evil Fiction Cult
So Tom Cruise went down to the Amazon offices in Seattle (they sell the Kindle: the product that will "CHANGE EVERYTHING") and he singlehandedly convinced them to stop selling a book called "The Complex" by John Duignan.

"The Complex," released in October, is a book about how science fiction writer Lafayette Hubbard's evil paramilitary cult is gaining religious power in order to influence world events and bring about a centralized theocracy.

Sixty years ago, Lafayette Hubbard used the strong and deadly powers he learned from crafting fiction to create a money laundering scheme called "Scientology." Hubbard is fiction's nightmarish burden; one of our own who went bad (like cole slaw) and started convincing people that his beautiful lies were really The Truth of the Universe.

We have all looked into this abyss -- this possible path toward power -- and we have denied it and come back wiser, humbler, and more dedicated to the pursuit of pure romance, naked beauty, and artful fabrication.

But not Lafayette. He let himself be consumed by the evil inside him. There are not many "evil" fiction writers -- generally, they are just too damn busy to get much done -- but Lafayette is our cross to bear, our Darth Vader, our Faust, our Voldemort.

Anyway, since Amazon is a bunch of chickenshit cowards (or complicit) and have burned "The Complex" for Christmas and made it "temporarily not available," here is where you can buy it directly from an Irish distributor, an outfit called Eason Books:


"The Complex" was written by a man who was a member of Scientology's elite "Sea Org" for over twenty years and who escaped to his native Catholic country for protection and to tell his tale. The book is available all over Ireland, and the publisher is trying to sell the rights to somebody here in the States. If you have money, buy this book and donate it to your local library. You will be rewarded in heaven (just kidding -- there is no God -- or if there is, she doesn't care what you buy and loves you for your SOOOOOUUUUUUULLLLL).

Isn't this scary, though? Isn't it scary that Amazon can singlehandedly make a book disappear in America? Isn't it scary that they will not fight for the rights of their writers and yet they want to control all of ebook publishing using their appropriately named "Kindle" device?

It is appropriately named because burning books has never been easier. You just have to highlight your enemy and hit "backspace."

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