Nintendo is Taking Over This Ebook Game
Nintendo is publishing 100 classic novels for their touch sensitive DS machine in conjunction with HarperCollins.

The cartridge will only be available in the UK, will cost 20 pounds, and will go on sale on December 26th.

Now, I don't know about you, but would you rather buy an ebook reader that you can play games on or one that you can't? Would you rather buy one with a touch screen or one without?

Kids reading Dickens! Kids reading the Bronte sisters! Kids learning about life from the machine they already trust (once upon a time books were terrifying machines, too)! This is probably just an experiment for Nintendo, but if somebody has to win this ebook game, I'm rooting for Nintendo over Amazon and Sony.


Nintendo will deal with publishers instead of trying to crush and destroy them. Nintendo will let publishers be creative with the multimedia possibilities of their books. Nintendo already has the hearts and minds of everyone in the world, from dictators to imaginary robots to fetuses. Nintendo is trusted by kids, and kids are the ones who are forced to choose between literature and fun, as if these things are in brutal conflict.

Note: Harry Potter DS editions would SELL LIKE CHEAP LUBE AT A FUCKFESTIVAL. Scholastic and Nintendo together? Let's fix this bullshit economy! You heard it here first. I want 10% of that deal. Hell, I want .10% of that deal.

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