Show Tonight at Stain Bar!
We have an EXTRA LONG show for you tonight in Brooklyn.

It will be a FOURSOME. Everyone will leave SATISFIED and SLEEPY.

Even people from foreign countries will have a good TIME. We will BREAK THROUGH the language BARRIER.

Everyone will leave feeling EXPLOITED and UNCOMFORTABLE. Hopefully you will ingest enough FLUIDS that you will forget what HAPPENED.

But you won't be able to forget the stories. No, those will be permanent additions to your LIBIDO.

Take the L train to GRAND street! Walk up a few BLOCKS to 766! Be there at EIGHT PM!

Bring friends! Bring enemies! Bring a date that you want to impress and SEED with the IDEA of SEXUAL EXPLORATION. Bring a notebook to WRITE DOWN your FAVORITE SENTENCES.

Dress warmly!

The show is free and features all amateurs who are eighteen. No children are allowed, unless they are really cool, the kind who wear jean jackets and already know how to slouch and smirk and who will get you a beer out of the refrigerator if you ask.

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