NEW STORY: "How Not to Ruin Your Daughters," by Andria Nacina Cole
Your daughters are important; as important as your sons and pets.

Do we mistreat young women because we think they are tough enough to handle it?

Or is it systematic, a situation born of neglect and the unjust distribution of renewable resources (love, respect, attention, joy)?

Who is to blame? Advertising? Mothers? Fathers? God? What if no one is to blame?

Today, we bring you Andria Nacina Cole's smoldering and tough short story "How Not to Ruin Your Daughters," which gets deep inside the pathology of the relationship between young women and younger, replacing myth and duty with the realistic mitigation of disaster.

But we won't ruin this story for you. You can read it for yourself, and you should, immediately, if you want to understand what happened and why.

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