Harry Potter Books Redesigned as Penguin Classic Editions
The artist M.S. Corley has redesigned the Harry Potter book covers to make them look like important, weighty Penguin Classics:

Suddenly, the Harry Potter books are simmering, dangerous literature that gets deep at the root of the human experience. OR MAYBE THEY ALWAYS WERE.

The opposite can be accomplished as well, like these chick-lit redesigns of important literary Works at Radar Online:

And then there's the real deal, such as when a former hack writer gets big-time apotheosis and his or her work moves from cheap pulp to understated immortality. Like when Philip K. Dick got picked up by the Library of America:

You can sell books by not selling them. You can package books by stripping them naked.

In the future, you'll be able to pick your favorite cover from all of history to temporarily persist on the front of your ebook reader, lifting your novel to the sacred-human-condition heights or dragging it down into the tawdry, sex-and-murder depths.

Book cover design will hit a tremendous renaissance (the renaissance of CHOICE) as soon as publishers get their shit together and demand more from ebook readers: namely, that covers are displayed for all the world to see, and not buried as part of the strange graphing calculator aesthetic that we are currently being sold.

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