Listen to Yesterday's WHFR Show!
Yesterday afternoon, the Fiction Circus got on the long, moody (1) train and journeyed up to Washington Heights to participate in the 2nd Annual T.C. Boyle Festival and to do a live, 30-minute show for Washington Heights Free Radio.

Taking a smoke break on the roof, talking about all our mistakes

Dr. Future read from his impending new novel tentatively entitled "The Dream of Dr. Bantam," and I read a new story called "Fuckchanged."

If you missed it live, you can catch it here:

Washington Heights Free Radio is full of the best human beings in New York; the sort of people who would never steal your shoes if you collapsed on your stoop with your keys dangling halfway out of your inebriated pocket. They are also the sort of people who would probably loan you five bucks to do laundry if you said you had a job interview coming up.

Going on the radio is always a good time, but going on PIRATE radio means you get PIRATE treasure, like chocolates, cornbread, lentils, beer, and all the coffee you can drink. WE TOOK ADVANTAGE.

Thank the hell out of ya'll, WHFR! I pronounce the name of your radio station "wahfer," which is how an irritated citizen of Paris would pronounce the word "wafer" if he or she was in a hurry. If you want me to stop, just say so.

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