Stain Show Recap, Featured on NY Times Photographer's Page
The Fiction Circus played a show at Stain Bar in Brooklyn on February 11th. Kaossilations reverberated while excellent readers tried in vain to compete with this overbearing synthesized noise that sliced at the eardrums of the audience. Visual art was created live on stage during an 8-bit "rap" about politics. Amidst this chaos, there was Beckettian theater incorporating hand clapping and goose steps, as well as grim fiction about New York's electrical dungeon transportation system, the subway. A good time was had by all.

In other news, as if there has been any news in the world other than this show, a variant of the photo published in the New York Times on January 20th is up on NY Times photographer Annie Tritt's website. The photo is picture number 5 under the section "Blog and Recent Assignments."

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