J. Preston Bezos -- Destroyer of Worlds and Befuddled Pajero -- Versus Jon Stewart, Darling Man

Plus this:

Equals this:

Clever, clever, clever. "Use my device one-handed and fuck yourself with the other. My device is both portal and phallus: fuck and be fucked."

Interesting news: looks like Amazon has dropped the price on Kindle books to ten bucks flat, or perhaps that is merely an average calculated by a Hawkman slave.

J.P. Bezos has 8.2 billion dollars: so much wealth that he knows for certain by now that money is not real.

Do you really think he is selling the Kindle? Do you not understand that this unhinged Onanist wants to replace and rebuild all of publishing in order to control and capitalize on a failing, insecure medium that no longer believes in itself? He is not selling Kindles: he is buying the future of literature. Every Kindle sold rechannels the flow of power from artists (and failed artists) to his store full of successful merchants and engineers.

You could buy forty books for the price of one Kindle. You could buy four hundred paperbacks: a decade's worth of reading material. No one still seems to have the public cunt to stand up to this smug jerk-off, not even East Coast America's precious Jon Stewart.

Books aren't slick, slim, sexy, machines -- like rock stars or supermodels. Books are ugly, fat, grotesque ganglia of organic power. Dreams. Hells. Mistakes. Wisdom.

I hate this man Jeff Bezos and his little ambitions. I admit that ebooks are an exciting prospect to help get books and stories into the hands of the poor. But before anyone can build a permanent conduit between sick, impoverished readers and sick, impoverished writers, J.P. Bezos will buy out all of publishing by appealing to the greed and fear of grey, imagination-dead middle-management.

Some writers will thrive and prosper. But others (most) will be utterly crushed, and the world of fiction will be smothered like a retarded Nazi baby if it is run by an autocratic catalog company.

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