Mooretian: anything related to, inspired by, or analogous to the work of Alan Moore.

"Reading a scabby grimoire is a Mooretian thing to do."

"Reading a scabby grimoire in a fetid night swamp is MORE of a Mooretian thing to do."

"Reading a grimoire in a swamp whilst stark naked and holding a ruby-encrusted dagger is EVEN MORE Mooretian."

"WRITING a scabby grimoire in a fetid night swamp, naked, wielding a blade, frowning so deep that your eyeballs warp and become elongated, and eating burnt toast with burberry jam is what Alan Moore would like to be doing RIGHT NOW (unfortunately, he is asleep -- sleeping 20 hours a day is also very Mooretian)."

"Neil Gaiman is a Mooretian writer."

"Grant Morrison is an alien from space, and yet has very few Mooretian qualities."

"Doing blow with celebs at the premier of your latest movie based on your latest hit superhero comic is very aMooretian."

"The novel "2666" by Roberto Bolano is occasionally Mooretian in its obsession with details and its simultaneous frustrating detachment. Congrats anyway to "2666" for winning the National Book Critics Circle fiction award, even though I wasn't a tremendous fan. We told you it would win, and -- thanks to the instructive entrails of a correctly-butchered two-headed corn snake -- we were right (sometimes Fiction Circus uses Mooretian critical theory methods)."

(Posted in response to a query posed in this recent article about Alan Moore in "The Guardian")

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