Show Tonight, Down in BKNY
You've got nothing going on tonight. There's no good movies out. Global economic collapse has killed all your career-oriented dreams. Come to our show and stop chasing ghosts!

Fiction Circus Promise #1: Our show will be free, which will let you spend all your "fun" money on a cheap beer (might I recommend a Genessee Cream Ale).

Fiction Circus Promise #2: If you bring a date to our show, you will be able to talk about the show together afterward and you will find yourself growing closer as you either unite for -- or against -- our perverse and confrontational aesthetic.

Fiction Circus Promise #3: We will not try to sell the latest "edition" of our magazine. You are reading the latest edition of our magazine. We live in the future. Note: in the future, everyone is poor.

Fiction Circus Promise #4: If you need to bum a cigarette, somebody from our audience will probably bum you a cigarette. WE ATTRACT GENEROUS PEOPLE.

Fiction Circus Promise #5: You are definitely cool enough to come to our show. I don't care who you are, you just kick back and have yourself a good time. We've got stories. We've got music.

Tonight! 8 PM! The Stain Bar!

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