"Redditor" Nominated for Pulitzer Prize in Criticism
Famous and prolific Reddit-user "Cylon47" has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, an honor normally only awarded to newspaper journalists for their reporting on the arts or their insightful reviews of contemporary film or literature.

"We don't know who "Cylon47" is exactly," said Janet Davidson, the head of this year's Pulitzer Prize nominating committee. "But not only is Cylon47 prolific, he or she is singlehandedly altering the English-speaking world's reading habits by their swift and expert modding of articles both "up" and "down."

Cylon47 first got the attention of the criticism community when he or she began the Reddit swarm that led to public critical acclaim for the novel "2666" by deceased Chilean poet Roberto Bolano.

"This pissant book review link in some whack journal showed up and it was all like: "Mod this book up if you like dismembered hookers!" said fellow redditor Philip Takamura, who reddits under the nom de guerre "BakeMyCake." "Most people would have modded that shit DOWN immediately, but not Cy. He was all over that shit. And everybody does what Cy does."

While Cylon47 has an amazing 700,000 karma points, he or she has never done a "self" Reddit, an act that many in the community find crass and disgraceful. Cylon47 almost never comments, but is quick to post fast links to actual articles when an article has been revealed to be opportunistic "blogspam."

"Of course we were skeptical at first," said Davidson. "But then we checked out Cylon47's user profile, and saw the articles that he or she had liked, disliked, and submitted. His or her taste was impeccable. And not only was his or her taste pitch-perfect, it was actually PREDICTIVE of trends that would trickle down into the artistic community months later."

Last year's Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, a prize which has been given out every year since 1970, went to Mark Feeney for his work at the "Boston Globe."

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