We Got a Fine Manhattan Show This Evening
If you are in Manhattan this evening, and you go to NYU or you are otherwise in the Washington Square Park area for some reason, buying drugs, drug paraphernalia, real estate, or souls, you should stop by Gizzi's Coffee Shop on 8th Street between Macdougal and 5th Ave at 7 PEE EM SHARP. Sharp as horns!

(I'm there right now -- drinking coffee, writing this, looking up pictures of the Devil. They are playing "Love is a Battlefield" on the house speakers and baseball is on the TV screen. Soon, all this will change.)

We'll be doing a short show and it'll be low key because we'll be stone sober and YOU'LL be stone sober because it's a coffee shop (you drunk), but it'll still be a damn good time, and it'll still be the same high fucking quality anarchy all cooked up and plunged right into your fat American heart. Maybe we'll go do something afterward. Who knows?

Anyway, if you live in Manhattan and you have always wanted to catch the Fiction Circus but you hate to travel out to Brooklyn, now is your chance to catch us in your backyard.

1. We have a laser harp. You have never seen one of these before.
2. We have stories that are better than anything you will ever hear in any literary reading on the island or off it.
3. We are sexy motherfuckers and you need someone new to fall in love with.
4. Our crowd is all sexy motherfuckers and they are the sort of sexy motherfuckers that like prose and lies. Wear your spats! Comb your hair!
5. At Gizzi's, you can buy Oreo cake, cheesecake, cheap coffee, carrot cake, and a pretty good brie and chicken sandwich.


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