We Have Now Appropriated Facebook and Twitter for Our Own Ends
If you care to look, you will now find that the Fiction Circus has a presence on both Facebook ("Fiction Circus") and Twitter ("fictioncircus"). If you are a consistent reader of this publication and would like to "friend" or "follow" us, now is your chance. But before you make this decision, you should know what you are getting into.

We will be using Twitter to post reviews of books we have read but which we have no intention of turning into in-depth reviews. In addition to a short summation, these books will receive a score like the old Sierra adventure games: we will grade them on both their ambition and how close they came to achieving that ambition. For instance, a book that accomplished most of its simple goals would get a score like "67 of 80," while a book that aimed high but failed miserably might get a score like "110 of 450."

Additionally, if we do review a book at length on this site, we will also post the link via Twitter. Twitter is now the middle-finger of the Fiction Circus' book review hand.

We will be using Facebook to "out" our readers. While we will continue to remain anonymous, by operating an irresistible Facebook account we will soon know who all of you are. We imagine that the readers of the Fiction Circus are lonely and strange people (most likely in prison or in a convent) who do not often have a chance to discuss literature nor the evolving shape of "story" in today's crass and ugly world. They may wish to remain anonymous as "readers" in their civic and professional life, and yet be longing to find others with a passion for short fiction, performance art, or pugilistic reporting on the world of literature and publishing.

If you become our "friend," you will be able to see who else is our "friend," and you may discover someone in your area with whom you can speak and interact. You may discover an attractive member of the same, opposite, or similar sex who shares your refined taste for filth and sickness. You may discover an old enemy or someone you loathe, leading you to either question your animosity or harden it forever.

Regardless, you will be able to see and (potentially) connect with other readers of the Fiction Circus by becoming our Facebook "friend." It is as if we are collecting a box full of Polaroids of our sexual conquests and we are dumping them out on your desk in order to show you that you are not special.

We hope that you see someone you know.

"I did not know you were involved with Fiction Circus, Rhonda. But then I saw you there with all the others. All the faces blurred together like some kind of sick drug-fueled sex orgy. I thought... I thought I KNEW you. All those quizzes. All those pokes. BUT I KNEW NOTHING."




It is creepy what we are doing, introducing you all to one another. Dragging you into the light.

You have been warned, "friend."

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