You Got the "Mobile" Upgrade: Listen to Shows, Read Our Stories On the Go
Thanks to the behind-the-scenes tweaking and ministrations of DJ Goodman Carter, you can now listen to individual stories from our shows on our "Shows" page (Check it out! Right there below the "o" and "n" in "Fiction Circus" up top! Crank our voices up in your ears as loud as you can stand! Do it! Yeah yeah yeah!)

Additionally, we are now the only literary magazine that brings you stories in every conceivable non-proprietary mobile format. We are now presenting all our short stories in txt, html, epub, mobi, and prc formats, so you can read them wherever you may be on whatever device you may have at your disposal. You can hack your Kindle to read mobi formats if you accidentally bought one.

Our most recent stories are over here ---------------------->

Now you have no excuse not to read short fiction today. If we can do anything else to make our site more convenient for you, you just let us know in a nice, polite email -- the kind you would write to your bank to get your credit limit increased. We will think about it.

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