Show and CD Release Today Up at the Ding Dong Lounge!
We are doing a damn show this afternoon at the Ding Dong Lounge in Manhattan at 4:30 PM! It's up in Washington Heights off the 1-2-3 train.

The show is free and will be part of an underground trade expo sponsored by Fractious Press and Kaboom Press. The expo will run from 1 to 7, and there will be live music, movies, and fiction as entertainment while people are perusing the booths.

If you want to sell shit, a table will only cost you ten dollars at the door.

Additionally, we are releasing two full albums of material that you will soon be able to buy off the internet, but which will be for sale at this media fair for the first time ever this afternoon.

"It's Easy"

1. "It's Easy" by Stephen Future
2. "Always Rape the Last Coke Machine" by Miracle Jones
3. "The Apotheosis of Tommy Clay" by Stephen Future
4. "The Famous and Expensive Breathing Technique" by Miracle Jones

These stories run the gamut from magical realism about job interviews to socialist slash fiction about Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. The point of this album is that it is hard to make money in life. All music and mixtures are, of course, provided by DJ Goodman Carter, who I watched order and drink two White Russians, a Bud Lite, and two strange glasses of wine back-to-back at "last call" last night at the worst Irish bar in all of Woodside before getting on a train. IS HE DEAD? We will find out today.

1. "Fuckchanged" by Miracle Jones
2. "Wall of Sound" by Stephen Future
3. "Benjamin's Abomination" by Miracle Jones
4. "Satan in Love" by Stephen Future

This album is all about what it means to be a man. It's fucking good.

Come to our show! Buy our CDs!

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