Goodbye, Stain
It looks like the Stain Bar in Brooklyn -- which has graciously hosted our sorry asses many, many times (like twenty fucking times) -- may be going out of business. Their rent has doubled, and Friday may be Stain's last day on the planet.

It is possible that Stain's lease will be purchased by a Manhattan investor, but if not, we have to say goodbye to our favorite bar and the only venue in NYC that has felt like home to us.

A dead bar is like a dead friend. Worse actually, because friends are often not glad to see you when you roll into their house at two in the morning looking for alcohol and sex. So this Friday starting at 7 PM, those of us who love Stain are having one last fun as all hell night. We are doing our show at 10 PM, and then afterward we are having a party until they kick us out.

You should come if you love Stain and if you love the Fiction Circus, and you should also come if you hate Stain and you hate the Fiction Circus. Take the L to Grand Street (NOT Graham) and camp out for the night. How often do you get to close a bar out, FOR GOOD*?

*Unless somebody buys Stain, which somebody really should. Come on, ya'll, hot proppity up on the block.

Posted by miracle on Thu, 28 May 2009 03:08:01 -0400 -- permanent link

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