Salinger Sues California
J.D. Salinger has sued John David California, author of "60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye," an unauthorized sequel to Salinger's own "Catcher in the Rye."

While not available in the States, the book is evidently about a 76-year-old man named "Mr. C" who escapes from his retirement home. Salinger himself also appears in the story.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages and an end to the book's publication.

"The sequel is not a parody and it does not comment upon or criticise the original," said the Salinger lawsuit. "It is a ripoff, pure and simple."

California says the book is totally legit, however, and that Salinger only has rights to the names of his characters, not his plot or perspective.

This whole thing seems phony, crumby, and inaccurate.

Holden Caulfield died of cellulitis after chopping off his trigger finger to avoid the draft in Vietnam. It was a very sad day and we should let the dead rest.

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