Show Tonight at the Motherfucking KGB!
We are having a show this very evening at the KGB Bar in Manhattan, on 4th Street between 2nd and Bowery.

The KGB Bar is a classy place. You cannot bring guns, drugs, or sex toys.

"Behave yourselves, comrades!"

The show will begin at 7 PM SHARP and will run for an hour. We will be featuring dangerous punchface fiction from myself, Dr. Future, X. Verdammt, and Bill Chapters, in addition to aggressive mood manipulations achieved by the sonic genius of DJ Carter.

Drinks at the KGB are cheap (for Manhattan). Bring cash. Bring your elbows for swinging. Bring friends. Bring condoms. Bring a pen.

Posted by miracle on Thu, 25 Jun 2009 13:57:21 -0400 -- permanent link

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