"The Great Man" Wins PEN / Faulkner, a Shitty Prize
Yo, Brooklyn just won another motherfucking writing award.

Kate Christensen is LIVING WELL

Queens won dick, Staten Island won dick, Manhattan won dick, and the Bronx, also, won dick.

Interesting points from this fucking article:

1. Why the balls did they have to say she was doing laundry when she won the award? To make her seem more feminine? They don't do this for dudes.

"Phillip Roth, 112, was furiously masturbating to a picture of himself as a young man when he got news of the award, which was announced yesterday."

2. Evidently, she only started writing good shit when she started making junk up about stuff she knows nothing about. Right on, Kate. Why do they even ask you those goddamn questions? Motherfucking cocksucking reporters trying to play your ass out. I guarantee you none of them ever did or ever will read your book anyway.

3. You only win 15 grand for the PEN / Faulkner? Jesus Fucking Christ! I'm surprised you don't come away OWING money! If you get shortlisted, they give you a thousand dollars. Great. Why don't they just individually mail each shortlisted writer a sack of hot crap? They can put the crap in one of those metallic pizza box sleeves so it stays hot.

Posted by miracle on Sat, 15 Mar 2008 07:29:46 -0400 -- permanent link

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